A Walk Through The Cold

Johnny Quinn
Feb 12, 2021


Cold grey sky, not much to see

Trees are hibernating until new spring leaves

The air is brisk and dry

Though it didn’t hinder me

I walk while huddled up as much as I can be

There’s a lot on my mind so I take a walk to breath

A friend and I had an argument, quite a pity indeed

I said “I’m sorry what happened, can you forgive me please?”

Though my friend was still angry about it, you see

He told me forget it and left me to be

For the person I insulted I did not see

The situation is awkward

Its all because of me

I march through the chill, ignoring the degree

Many thoughts pass by

Unsure whether to agree or disagree

It’s said we are all imperfect beings and that’s certainly true for me